Pre wedding portraiture session

Pre/post wedding portraiture session.

The rundown of a wedding day may be really rush , sometime bride often wish they can have more than an hour to have portrait taken in that expansive wedding grown.

We now ofter Pre / Post wedding portraiture session! Spend the whole day and visit all of your desire locations! Just the 2 of you (or with your maid of honor and best man…) in romantic seawall during Sunset, or go back and visit where you had your 1st date, your 1st kiss, where he propose……there are no location limitation, as long as your heart desire than we will follow you.

Half day session (4 hours ) start at $250 . Full day session with 2 photographers  ( mid-afternoon to night time around 8 hours ) start at $500.


The end of the road??

I recently had to weed out alot of nasty comment regarding either the content or the writing styles of this blog….Come ON people, it’s a blog, free speech and all but really??

If you don’t like anything that is written down here, or anywhere else, move along. Or you know what is even better? Write your own blog…

I am a mother of two who has an interest in photography, and are doing all these stuff late at night when I can find the time…it’s not rocket science and not an English paper, if my English seem broken please embrace it, or just chuck it up as quirky and don’t read my blog.