New lightroom preset over at the new dig~

A B&W preset for low light/ underexpose raw can be find at our new home:


Peace offering ~ ass kicked retro lightroom preset

I am up to my knees with the wedding photo editing, luckily with the wedding season almost winding down I am taking a bit of break from editing all the happy smiley photos.

So, judging from how popular the Retro preset are (4000+ download!),  I venture out a bit and give you the ass kicked retro and amp up retro.

The amp up retro are use for underexposed shoot, and the ass kicked retro turn down some of the color intensity .

ass kicked compareamp up compare 1

Download link:

Ass kicked lightroom preset

Amp up retro preset

Epiphany at my 1st event gag ~ 2 new preset

Strobe: Speedlite 580 on camera ceiling bounce on to the glass plane (it’s a solarium after all)

Slow shutter and 2nd curtain synch, I know this is an old capture, but really this photo mean so much to me. It’s my 1st professional gag and 3 months into my Langara classes, my epiphany of “hey, I am actually pretty good at this…I am like kinda awesome at capturing the moment…”

Party gold preset was use here

Party Bronze preset was use..

Party gold preset was use here, but I had turn off the spilt tone tinting

Party GOLD preset download here.

Party Bronze preset download here.

Innie then outtie ~ UPDATED download link for Color Mani preset

UPDATED~~~~now included download link

I took these, after I cough out my belly button.
Seriously, last time with Aidan…I didn’t notice it after a few days…

BTW, the usual Driveway site for all preset download is not available….please leave your name and email at each preset download comment section, I will email them to you personally….or you could ask for ALL preset.

B&W baby beauty & Pink new skin

The heat wave arrive in Vancouver during the weekend, and thus I can finally do naked baby beauty shoot. I had been waiting FOREVER, since when Aidan was born, it was in the dead of winter, and then by summer time, the 7months old was pretty oppose in nakedness..

These were shot with a navy blue blanket lying on the day bed..with me hovering on top of Don…
Speedlite place on CL. Window light as fill.

I was trying to copy the concept from the photos of No.1 fan Using a hard light (speedlite with snoots on one side) to get a really sudden transition area of the baby’s hand; yet use a huge and soft light source (window light) to light his face.

B&W preset: baby beauty bw download link

Pink baby presetbaby beauty BW preset

Also a collection of pink baby skin preset: baby pink preset download


I had mostly use my skin tone only preset for baby Don’s photo…I just like the effect, and hey my kid has a dark yellow skin tone..(olive-ish yellow) and with my pasty white skin (blood lost and sleepless night) it seem to be the only thing that I can do to balance the two out…

I did change the tone curve and saturation up a bit from the “MB photobooth skin tone only” preset, but the merit are the same. Bare in mind that you will have to work around the WB and the hue in HSL for each different situation. I had use bounce flash with these raw, but because the blind that I bounced it on had a light cream color, the WB was not too out of wack.

Download : Baby skintone only wih speedlite

RS party animal & Retro normal preset

I usually will like to develop a couple of different special toning effect for each wedding, because I believe each couple has different taste, so like B&W, some like color manipulation, some like Sepia.

Tailor to Randi’s taste, I re-develop the party animal and the retro normal presets so they will work really great for her wedding photos. These version are more tame…and while it still leak through some of the red, they are not as pronounce.

You can download the preset here : RS party animal & Retro preset

RS wedding-0379