New preset for food photography

A new preset for still life color improvement isĀ availableĀ over at the new photo site. This set is design to achieve the crisp clean fine dinning look.


B&W baby beauty & Pink new skin

The heat wave arrive in Vancouver during the weekend, and thus I can finally do naked baby beauty shoot. I had been waiting FOREVER, since when Aidan was born, it was in the dead of winter, and then by summer time, the 7months old was pretty oppose in nakedness..

These were shot with a navy blue blanket lying on the day bed..with me hovering on top of Don…
Speedlite place on CL. Window light as fill.

I was trying to copy the concept from the photos of No.1 fan Using a hard light (speedlite with snoots on one side) to get a really sudden transition area of the baby’s hand; yet use a huge and soft light source (window light) to light his face.

B&W preset: baby beauty bw download link

Pink baby presetbaby beauty BW preset

Also a collection of pink baby skin preset: baby pink preset download

Rings as eyes, waiting for a kiss

I am NUTS about ring shot. As with Michelle and Brads’ wedding, the first batch of photos that I edit will always be lensbabies because I want to see how cool they are…and then it will always be the wedding bands shots.
Take this photos as an example, I didn’t plan it when I was shooting but I was trying to do something a bit different other than sticking both bands into the rose bud, but somehow I like this composition. It’s like a red princess with pearl crown, pouting out her lips, awaiting for a kiss.

So I have a group of presets for download: halogen lighting as available light.You can download the zip here, it will contain 2 for still life, and 1 for portrait.


“Smiley spring color pick up” Lightroom preset

Spring is here! After the hail and snow and wind…spring seem to had landed in Vancouver. In time for me to offer you this new preset call ” smiley spring color pick up”. All it does is to give that little push in contrast and color on skin tone against greenery on outdoor pictures. I am going to try something new and to put the file on 4shared site temporary. Drop me a comment either this work or not please!


Try to download Vivian Chung’s smiley spring color pick up.lrtemplate

Normal-er lightroom preset

Ok, I folded. A sour pus friend of mine left me a message at Flickr mail and basically said that I am too stupid and native to think that if I only upload lightroom preset for Lucis Art, no one will visit my blog. Not that anyone will visit anyway since the idea of lightroom preset for download is stupid.

Fine, why don’t you do it then?

Turn out such person doesn’t has lightroom. I mean, really? I get scold by one of those, “those who can’t do critisized”

Anyway, there are some preset that I always ended up using during my editing process. They are just a little push and play on presence and camera calibration. These work for Canon XTi and 40D, Nikon D200 as well…but other than that, I am not sure. Please give me a feed back.

OUTSIDE XTI SUNNY: download happy shinny people.lrtemplate

what my lightroom default looks like
Above: Lightroom default
AFTER: Outside Xti sunny