Painting with Flash light.

It’s a funny story…sorta. My mom has a gathering and she had this idea of a 60s night. The original thought was serving food and music from the period along with guest wearing cloths from the 60s. My brother and his GF spent a week researching the receipt, and she start cooking everything from scratch since 1:30 this afternoon. Well, end up she did have vinyl from the 60s, but the turntable thingy was broken so we were listening to a DVD from a concert of old Chinese singers jamming it with the modern rock band. None of the people attending the party (including the host) wore clothing from the 60s (they DO have said period clothing at home…just can’t fit in to those mini anymore..)

Anyway, so I was just using a flash light to paint all of these food that my brother and his girl friend had made…they are really tasty.

Also painted a pile of photographs lying on his desk….


Cheese! Plate!

I went back to my favouriate cheese store in the lower mainland at the beginning of Dec 08 to shoot some promo shot for their cheese platter they had set up for the holiday. In the course of 2 hours, I had change 3 backdrops, learned that I love the 430 more than the 580II (ok, Canon flash suck, period. ) and that there is a chesse call Twiggies from Agassiz, BC that looks like Marshmallow.

I had picked up some 75cents poster and some $1 vinyl border for my home studio use a couple weeks before this shoot. Turns out they are such a big help in doing this type of promo shoot. I shoot like crazy eventhough there were only 3 plates of cheese, but because I had no idea what the site and design work was like, so I had to cover everything.

Mount Pleasant Cheese

3432 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W8

Store Phone: 604-875-6363



Pasta polo

I do not know what happen…but I “forgot” to keep posting what I intended to do with this photo blog. I started this blog in August under the advise of my friend who was guiding my photography career. Photoblog has become more popular because you are actually letting your potential client to get a sense of your styles as well as you as a photographer. I had personal blog, and space pages, but wanted to achieved a more professional status. This blog was intended for that purpose, not to overwhelm people with every single pictures I took (There is flickr for that..:) ) , instead client or friends can see what I have been up to.

Now, it got pretty sidetracked when I was uploading all of my lightroom preset posts. I had done a number of jobs since then, a lot of them are cooperate shoot so I won’t be posting those. There are a few that I really love, and I will try to post a few of the sample photo tonight


backdrop in a cruch

The challenge for this shoot for a restaurant is speed. I had pick out a booth near the window, but the ice cream was melting so fast that I didn’t have a lot of time to construct the backdrop right. My solution, use other plate of desert as background. I ended up finish filming all of the desert with in half an hour.

Soul Robata & Izakaya

Soul -2, originally uploaded by Vivian Chung Photography (KJmeow).

Shooting Stock photo for a future menu turn out to be the best gig ever…I get to eat all the food with my friend.

Strobe info: Single speedlite over scrum (the core of the 5-in-1 reflector disk) place DIRECTLY on top of the dish. I used a really long exposure as I wanted to include the ambiance light . I flipped this over in PS coz I still want the logo from the window to show in the correct side.