Outdoor Maternity Session at Trout Lake

I think it is a common misconception that you have to travel to Vancouver West to get decent locations for outdoor portrait. Stanley Park and QE park are nice, but sometime, there are hidden GEM in the middle of the city. Take Trout Lake (officially John Hendry Park…not that I would know this fact by heart, hey there is a thing call Google Map…), a neighborhood park within Vancouver East, even in the middle of a chilly Winter it has lots of  inserting Flora and a clear view to the north shore mountain providing an inserting backdrop for my 1st maternity outdoor session of this decade.

Jocelyn is pregnant with twins (BOYS!!), so even though she is barely 30 weeks, she would like to get some photos down now instead of later closer to her due date, because you know, twins usually come early.  We spend around an hour in the outdoor, mostly just walking around and talk about being pregnant. It was a really nice afternoon.

We also did a intimate Boudoir maternity on the same day, please come back and check out that session~


Innie then outtie ~ UPDATED download link for Color Mani preset

UPDATED~~~~now included download link

I took these, after I cough out my belly button.
Seriously, last time with Aidan…I didn’t notice it after a few days…

BTW, the usual Driveway site for all preset download is not available….please leave your name and email at each preset download comment section, I will email them to you personally….or you could ask for ALL preset.