Vancouver Nightscape couple portrait

Got down to Stanley park with Shawn and Michelle for some night time portrait. I brought Aidan to the Bright Night a couple weeks before, so when Michelle mention she wanted some pretty Christmas night as background, I immediately thought of this place.


Outdoor Maternity Session at Trout Lake

I think it is a common misconception that you have to travel to Vancouver West to get decent locations for outdoor portrait. Stanley Park and QE park are nice, but sometime, there are hidden GEM in the middle of the city. Take Trout Lake (officially John Hendry Park…not that I would know this fact by heart, hey there is a thing call Google Map…), a neighborhood park within Vancouver East, even in the middle of a chilly Winter it has lots of  inserting Flora and a clear view to the north shore mountain providing an inserting backdrop for my 1st maternity outdoor session of this decade.

Jocelyn is pregnant with twins (BOYS!!), so even though she is barely 30 weeks, she would like to get some photos down now instead of later closer to her due date, because you know, twins usually come early.  We spend around an hour in the outdoor, mostly just walking around and talk about being pregnant. It was a really nice afternoon.

We also did a intimate Boudoir maternity on the same day, please come back and check out that session~

Abbotsford baby pre-crawler session

From their very own backyard garden...peeking thru the basil flowers..


I LOVE the cottage setting of Coral’s home. Grandma made both Kimono…one for mommy and one for baby. I had this shot planned in my head from the beginning of the session till the very end. I really wanted to include both but not wanting the mother to wear the Kimono since I feel like that is something that is done to death. Also the form and pattern of the Kimono can be more appreciated by laying it on the bed.

Epiphany at my 1st event gag ~ 2 new preset

Strobe: Speedlite 580 on camera ceiling bounce on to the glass plane (it’s a solarium after all)

Slow shutter and 2nd curtain synch, I know this is an old capture, but really this photo mean so much to me. It’s my 1st professional gag and 3 months into my Langara classes, my epiphany of “hey, I am actually pretty good at this…I am like kinda awesome at capturing the moment…”

Party gold preset was use here

Party Bronze preset was use..

Party gold preset was use here, but I had turn off the spilt tone tinting

Party GOLD preset download here.

Party Bronze preset download here.

Collages print from Lightroom to Jpeg, with layout preset for Big Pictures…

A web version of my portfoilo using LR "print to file" function

A web version of my portfoilo using LR "print to file" function

Remember this post I did back then using contact sheet II from bridge? Well, I was updating my portfolio printing from lightroom this weekend, and I thought to myself, I like what I see with the unify space and such, I wonder if there is a easier way for me to STOP making the grid and open these countless individual PSD files and combine them manually.

I look around in lightroom, then it hit me..all I have to do is just to set it at “Print to Jpeg File” (here is to countless night I spend coping ALBUM layout on photoshop…..what a waste of time). Thus, to live up to my matto of making everything in my life as fancy and extra spicy, I found a way to combine this LR function with the BIG PICTURE from PanosFX

1) Download the “Big Picture 2”  from Free or Commercial, it is totally up to you). It’s a photoshop Action, they do have it in Element as well but I don’t use it so in theory I think you can do what I am about to do in Element as well.

2) Open up Lightroom and select 25 photos. The Big Picture action will require you to open a landscape orientation in PS later, so with that in mind, go to the “PRINT” module and open up the “PAGE SETUP” make sure you have a Landscape orientation.

3) I had made a screen cap of the setting:

lightroom setting

Thus you will get this jpeg as a result:


4) Open this jpeg in Photoshop, and make sure you have the Big Picture actions install, apply the one of the “action” from the “PFxBig picture” folder.

5) Follow the instruction, and you will get something like this:

After Big picture

But why stop there, when you can have some fun rearranging stuff and change sizes :

Rearrange and resize some key moments

I think this method is more forward and require less time for the PC to open and process 25 folders, plus I can adjust the crop in the print module….Which is a plus since I would say I work extensively in Lightroom.after ceremonyPreset download:

Print 25 photos on 8×10 : LR2 only I think…Download here

Now, this is a trick I use normally if I don’t want the photos to be evenly space out. I will make a couple (2 to 3 ) virtual copy of the one I would like to leap in 2 cells (or 3). Then adjust the placement on the mat…(place your cursor on the cell and then hold down mouse button and toggle). Combine with cell spacing, which will give me something like this:

2rows of photo

After I ran Big Picture action in PS :


You can download a lightroom print preset for the above effect here

I then got ride of the row of white space, and then resize and move stuff around:

Nightscape copy

Now, go out there and have some fun!! If you like these idea and would like me to continue posting print layout preset, please comment below!

Innie then outtie ~ UPDATED download link for Color Mani preset

UPDATED~~~~now included download link

I took these, after I cough out my belly button.
Seriously, last time with Aidan…I didn’t notice it after a few days…

BTW, the usual Driveway site for all preset download is not available….please leave your name and email at each preset download comment section, I will email them to you personally….or you could ask for ALL preset.

B&W baby beauty & Pink new skin

The heat wave arrive in Vancouver during the weekend, and thus I can finally do naked baby beauty shoot. I had been waiting FOREVER, since when Aidan was born, it was in the dead of winter, and then by summer time, the 7months old was pretty oppose in nakedness..

These were shot with a navy blue blanket lying on the day bed..with me hovering on top of Don…
Speedlite place on CL. Window light as fill.

I was trying to copy the concept from the photos of No.1 fan Using a hard light (speedlite with snoots on one side) to get a really sudden transition area of the baby’s hand; yet use a huge and soft light source (window light) to light his face.

B&W preset: baby beauty bw download link

Pink baby presetbaby beauty BW preset

Also a collection of pink baby skin preset: baby pink preset download