All Download link had been fixed! YAY!

So I finally got off my butt and upload all of presets to 4shared. I think I will make this a sticky (changed the date to like 2013) anyhow, I just upload ALL of the lightroom preset on it…you still have to go to individual post to download each link…if you are interested in all of them, please email me at…or leave a message in the comment section. You don’t actually have to write down your email in the comment, since I can get that from the form. Again, the purpose of this is just to share, but please don’t take my preset and call it your own, ok?

This following is the instruction for preset download:

Develop preset:

Method 1:

After download, copy and paste the whole “preset” folder to this directory

C:\Documents and Settings\your_user_name\Application Data\Adobe\Lightroom\Develop Presets

OR go to “start” and “run”…and copy and paste the above line (don’t forget to change YOUR USER NAME to well, your user name

Method 2:

After download, open lightroom and go to Develop mode.
In the preset panel, Mouse over on any preset that is NOT LIGHTROOM DEFAULT, then right click your mouse and select IMPORT

I recommend using method one, because it is the fastest and quickest way, plus you can organize your preset folder this way.

AFTER apply the preset:

Note that every photo contain different exposure and color tone, you will have to adjust the following in order to achieve the effect of the sample photo:

Tone (esp: Fill light and Blacks)
Tone Curve
HSL (esp: Saturation and Luminance for color manipulation preset)
Camera Calibration (Treat it as channel mixer in photoshop.)

Have fun! If you do post these on public site such as Flickr, please tag “Vivian Chung’s preset” so I will know how it turns out!

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