Cheese! Plate!

I went back to my favouriate cheese store in the lower mainland at the beginning of Dec 08 to shoot some promo shot for their cheese platter they had set up for the holiday. In the course of 2 hours, I had change 3 backdrops, learned that I love the 430 more than the 580II (ok, Canon flash suck, period. ) and that there is a chesse call Twiggies from Agassiz, BC that looks like Marshmallow.

I had picked up some 75cents poster and some $1 vinyl border for my home studio use a couple weeks before this shoot. Turns out they are such a big help in doing this type of promo shoot. I shoot like crazy eventhough there were only 3 plates of cheese, but because I had no idea what the site and design work was like, so I had to cover everything.

Mount Pleasant Cheese

3432 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W8

Store Phone: 604-875-6363



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