Album 8.5 x 11

I had just settle down to do an album for my friend Ikki and Erick, well, partly because I was ask to go to a bunch of client meeting with print work. Yes, I have been getting jobs solely base on website portfolio and referral. Anyhow, the meetings went great and the push for me to do a portfolio was so great that I am now thinking to do a book via flickr. I think I will get down to that after Michelle’s wedding but before Donny is born.

Anyway, back to the album. These are all on 8.5 x 11 since I printed these at home. For the church part, I did all layout in photoshop…then all of the reception one were done in lightroom Print module. Here are a few example:

3 thoughts on “Album 8.5 x 11

    • Hi Gary,
      I use a Canon IP6700D and use HP premium plus soft gloss photo paper for ink jet.
      The HP paper is the best that I had encounter…it’s relatively cheap with a really heavy feel. I print either from lightroom or from photoshop.
      I found a old style 12″ by 12″ photo album that use the sticky method….will take some photo of my portfolio and post it later.

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