Pasta polo

I do not know what happen…but I “forgot” to keep posting what I intended to do with this photo blog. I started this blog in August under the advise of my friend who was guiding my photography career. Photoblog has become more popular because you are actually letting your potential client to get a sense of your styles as well as you as a photographer. I had personal blog, and space pages, but wanted to achieved a more professional status. This blog was intended for that purpose, not to overwhelm people with every single pictures I took (There is flickr for that..:) ) , instead client or friends can see what I have been up to.

Now, it got pretty sidetracked when I was uploading all of my lightroom preset posts. I had done a number of jobs since then, a lot of them are cooperate shoot so I won’t be posting those. There are a few that I really love, and I will try to post a few of the sample photo tonight


backdrop in a cruch

The challenge for this shoot for a restaurant is speed. I had pick out a booth near the window, but the ice cream was melting so fast that I didn’t have a lot of time to construct the backdrop right. My solution, use other plate of desert as background. I ended up finish filming all of the desert with in half an hour.

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