Normal-er lightroom preset

Ok, I folded. A sour pus friend of mine left me a message at Flickr mail and basically said that I am too stupid and native to think that if I only upload lightroom preset for Lucis Art, no one will visit my blog. Not that anyone will visit anyway since the idea of lightroom preset for download is stupid.

Fine, why don’t you do it then?

Turn out such person doesn’t has lightroom. I mean, really? I get scold by one of those, “those who can’t do critisized”

Anyway, there are some preset that I always ended up using during my editing process. They are just a little push and play on presence and camera calibration. These work for Canon XTi and 40D, Nikon D200 as well…but other than that, I am not sure. Please give me a feed back.

OUTSIDE XTI SUNNY: download happy shinny people.lrtemplate

what my lightroom default looks like
Above: Lightroom default
AFTER: Outside Xti sunny

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